Month: December 2013

25 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

It’s Christmas time! Merry Christmas from the farm to all our friends and family. Thanking God for all his provision especially the gift of his son – born, died, buried, and rose again! YAY!

24 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

We’ve been busy working on remodeling the cattle stalls. We were not planning to do this just yet but decided that we’d better not wait. Watching our moo girls indicates that their babies are active. […]

Christmas Ice – Early

We got ice for Christmas this year.  It arrived a couple of days early but it’s here!  While the crystalline landscape is beautiful, it has a ominous crunch to it also.  The dogs were having […]

21 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

We are covered in a half inch of ice outside our house but inside we are warmed by the fire.  Once again we are all together and the weather is frightful.  It just might be […]

13 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

 It’s overcast and wet on the farm today but not as cold.  Yay!  However, the wind is a bit fierce.  We are getting ready for the Annual Christmas Event around here.  Decorating, cleaning, planning the […]

Varmints on the loose! Oh, wait, that’s…

Varmints on the loose!  Oh, wait, that’s my chickens.  I took a little trip into the little town today and upon my return as I was attempting to unlock the door, I saw something waving […]

12 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

I must admit that I was very excited about posting regular farm updates. However, I’m not the most consistent person in the world so it’s been hit or miss. All the farm animals have survived […]

06 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

Snow.  That is what it is.  Got out this morning and made sure the animals all had food and water.  Then went back out later to make sure the water wasn’t freezing up quickly.  Sweet […]

05 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

It is cold out here. I’m so thankful for a fireplace and wood to heat the house. I’m praying for those that have to work out in this weather. Although it is 28 degrees just […]