Month: January 2014

14 Jan 2014 – Farm Report

It’s a windy day on the farm!  The moo girls have had their morning cubes and were happily munching on hay when I left the corral.  The chickens are still working on scratching down the […]

2 Jan 2014 – Farm Report

We’ve finished the new stalls for the moo girls. Added the individual hay mangers today. So far they seem to be liking them just fine.  Our injured chicken was given some isolation time today to keep […]

1 Jan 2014 – Farm Report

The new year started off at 32 degrees on the farm. The chickens are working on the compost pile, the dogs are laying around, the cows are munching happily on hay. It’s a beautiful day!“WONDERING […]

31 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

While MM and I were off visiting family, one of the chickens cut her foot. The kids have been taking care of her and doing a great job at it! They’ve cleaned, doctored and bandaged […]