Month: May 2014

21 May 2014 – Faith’s Cold Tea

I go through about a half gallon of tea each day by myself.  This is better than the Pepsi I used to drink 2 liters of each day.  Maybe by the time I’m grown up, […]

14 May 2014 – Beautiful Sky

Part of this morning was spent working on the vineyard.  We have eight grape vines planted, mulched and watered.  Plus, there is one that might not survive so it has been granted a private space. […]

13 May 2014 – Eggs already?

Two of the Chicklets.  Still so small. Maroochy has been pacing the fence of the pen for a couple of days.  I mentioned to MM that I think she’s ready to go back with the […]

12 May 2014 – Farm Report

Overcast and damp on the farm this morning.  Oh, how we need the rain!  Praying that there is no bad storms coming with this.  I was able to transplant 46 sweet potato plants on Saturday. […]

09 May 2014 – Farm Report

Good mornin’, y’all.  It’s kinda cool this fine morning on the farm.  Maroochy and the Chicklets are getting along real nice.  I turned at one point yesterday and caught one of the Chicklets hitching a […]

06 May 2014 – Grape Vine!

Much to my surprise and joy, one of the grape vines we planted last year has survived and has leafed out!  Whoo!!  I had resigned myself to having lost them all after the late freeze. […]

05 May 2014 – Farm Report

Maroochy and the Chicklets have adjusted to their new digs.  I found a purple iris that had bloomed even though Sweet Pea had chewed on it.  I also found where she has been sleeping in […]

Maroochy and the Chicklets

Looky here, looky here… Right here is something good.  🙂 See that, it’s yummy!  Maroochy and the Chicklets have moved to a new location.  They are now where they can explore the grass, find some […]

01 May 2014 – Sober Wine

While at the used book store, I came across a book titled “Bible Wines or Laws of Fermentation and Wines of the Ancients”.  It looked interesting so I brought it home and have begun to […]