Month: January 2017

Commercial Dairy and Meat

I love being able to grow or produce a portion of my own food.  For instance there are four jars of milk currently residing in my fridge.  They represent the last 4 days of milk […]

Goat Math – It. Is. Real.

You may have heard of Common Core Math and how today’s parents can’t help their children learn it due to its convoluted methodology.  Well, I know of something that is more amazing and incredible than […]

At Your Own Risk

All activities on the farm have inherent risks.  You will be exposed to bugs, critters, and germs.  There are fences, holes, and junk.  The animals are animals and may act as such at any given […]

2016 – Year in Summary

I want to start putting a milestone on each year.  A recap of what was accomplished on the farm and a quick summary of dreams for the next year.  Main House:  No activity was planned […]

2017 Spring Breeding

Getty x Iron due March 10th Red x Lou due March 12th Dottie x Lou due March 15th Polly x Dancer due March 18th Peso x Dancer due March 29th Opal x Popeye due April […]