Month: February 2021


Rosy has the thickest cashmere undercoat of all my goats. Within weeks of the Winter solstice, her coat begins to get this dirty rug look. By middle of February, she’s rubbing the fence (as pictured). […]


Wild red hair. Is there any Irish in him?

3, 2, 1… Kiss!

This is the look just moments before getting swiped with a doggy kiss. Yay!


This is the default face for Polly when she is waiting on her cookie. That tongue.


The boys take on a ruff look during late fall and thru winter. For goat owners, this is a picture that has smell. Mocha.


Our flock has grown small and older. We are down to 9… two australorp roosters, one speckled sussex hen, one wyandotte mix hen, two buff orpington hens, and three australorp hens. Perhaps this year we’ll […]

Red Pearl

Red Pearl is such a sweet girl. She’ll be on the breeding list this spring (2021) to deliver in autumn!