06 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

Snow.  That is what it is.  Got out this morning and made sure the animals all had food and water.  Then went back out later to make sure the water wasn’t freezing up quickly.  Sweet […]

05 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

It is cold out here. I’m so thankful for a fireplace and wood to heat the house. I’m praying for those that have to work out in this weather. Although it is 28 degrees just […]

05 Nov 2013 – Farm Report

We have a lovely fall decoration display on our porch.  It has pumpkins, marigolds, broom corn and fake leaves arranged nicely on a bale of straw.  Sweet Pea (our blue heeler) likes to rearrange the […]

03 Nov 2013 – Farm Report

I hate the time change each time it rolls around.  Why can’t we leave well enough alone?  Why are we trying to “fix” it by changing it twice a year?  ugh.  Autumn is in full […]

08 Oct 2013 – Farm Report

Farm Report: One tray of peaches, one tray of strawberries, one tray of pineapple, and four trays of apples are dehydrating now! My smoker has been assembled but it’s too windy today to cook clean […]

02 Oct 2013 – Farm Report

The kitten is reinforcing the NEED to put everything back into it’s place when I’m finished using/looking at/searching for something else and moved it. She is also quite interested in eating all the fall decorations.  Silly […]

23 Sep 2013 – Farm Report:

It is technically Autumn around here and there is some visual evidence that the seasons are changing but the leaf colors haven’t changed much yet. We’ve had a couple of cool mornings but it’s not […]

21 Sep 2013 – Saturday Farm Report:

It was 51 degrees on the farm this morning and there was a short fog over the land. Pretty. It’s time to do some little jobs that have been needing attention around here. Someone will […]

9 Mar 13:  Saturday Farm Report

55 degrees on the farm this morning with overcast skies. Along the day we’ve gotten about 3/8 inch of rain. We were able to put in a couple of rows with radishes, lettuce, carrots, and […]

8 Mar 13: Morning Farm Report

50 degrees and mild on the farm this morning. Baby chicks are growing fast. Wing feathers are starting to come in and there are a few tail feathers sticking out now. Seedlings are coming along […]