Please read this sales policy before contacting us about a goat.
NOTE:  All interest in purchasing a goat must be conducted with the farm via email, text or phone.  Due to Facebook policy, sales will not be transacted via that platform.  Facebook comments or messages will not be utilized to initiate, enter into or complete a sales agreement.

EMAIL: TEXT/PHONE:  405-356-2839

SALES POLICY- We reserve the right to refuse any sale.  Purchaser must provide name, address, and contact information before a sales agreement will be made.  A sale will not be marked pending until valid contact information and deposit is provided.  A veterinarian name and contact information is requested. A $75.00 (seventy-five dollar) non-refundable deposit is required to hold a goat for a maximum of three weeks beyond weaning or agreement.  Boarding fees of $5 per day per goat apply after the three weeks.   If you are unable to complete the purchase as agreed, you forfeit the deposit.  If the farm is unable to complete the sale, the deposit will be returned.  The deposit must be in hand before the sale becomes pending.  Verbal or written confirmation of wanting an animal must be followed by deposit action to secure the goat.
There will be an additional $30 fee for any animal requiring a health certificate.  All animals crossing state lines will require a health certificate.  Health certificates are optional within Oklahoma. The remaining balance must be in hand at time of pick up.  We accept cash and Paypal via direct arrangement.  NO CHECKS. The farm will submit registration and/or transfer papers within 7 days of pick up.  A copy of the paperwork will be provided to the purchaser at pick up.  Does and bucks are registered with ADGA, AGS, and NDGA.  Wethers will be registered with NDGA only if requested.Doe and wether kids generally do not leave the farm before 12 weeks of age. Buck kids may leave the farm around 9 weeks of age.  Kids will be disbudded and weaned prior to leaving the farm.  On occasion a buckling may be allowed to leave as a bottle baby. 

We cannot and do not guarantee the health of the goat after it leaves the farm.  
Transport arrangements are made independent of sales.

This policy may be updated or modified at any time.  Published June 9, 2016.  Updated Sept 27, 2016; March 19, 2017; April 9, 2017; September 14, 2017, January 9, 2021.