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Wild red hair. Is there any Irish in him?


The boys take on a ruff look during late fall and thru winter. For goat owners, this is a picture that has smell. Mocha.


Prairie Wood “Iron” [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 08/10/2015 $350 Iron has a combination coat (hard to tell what the combo is), has brown eyes, is disbudded with scurs, and has moonspots. — Sire:  Promisedland RC Bonafide — Dam: […]


SOLD SOLD SOLD. Faith’s Farm/Treasured Faith “Beltie” [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 2/28/2019 Beltie has a red (gold) coat, has blue eyes, is polled, and stinks.  He is a loud, friendly fella that has not sired any kids with […]


The Barton’s “Mocha” [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 1/21/2016 $325 Mocha is a dark buckskin with some random white, has brown eyes, and is polled. — Sire:  Holloway’s Little “Joker” Jr — Dam:  Holloway’s Little “Dottie” February 2020


Black Oak Farm Galaxy 12/18/2018 *RETAINED — Sire: Dill’s RC Storm Cloud — Dam:  Faith’s Farm/Treasured Faith Two Bits February 2020 August 2019


Faith’s Farm Rocket [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 2016 *RETAINED — Sire:  Small Beginnings STVRAY Dancer — Dam:  Black Oak Farm Rosalinda August 2019


Holly Ridge Skip to my Lou  [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 2015 *RETAINED — Sire:  Generations Farms Cherokee — Dam:  Holly Ridge Lottie Da August 2019


Faith’s Farm/Treasured Faith “Patch” [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 3/27/2018 $250 — Sire:  The Barton’s “Mocha” — Dam:  Faith’s Farm/Treasured Faith “Ebony” Star February 2020 August 2019


Critter Grove “Silver” Caesar [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 10/14/2014 $300 — Sire: Prairie Wood CG’s Caesar — Dam:  Critter Grove Jackpot’s Stella February 2020 August 2019