Christmas Ice – Early

We got ice for Christmas this year.  It arrived a couple of days early but it’s here!  While the crystalline landscape is beautiful, it has a ominous crunch to it also.  The dogs were having trouble running across the field.  At times it was as if they were walking on hot coals.  They moved their feet so gingerly.  The moo girls spent time foraging but came back to the barn early for hay.  The chickens chose to stay inside for the most part.  They even moved gingerly about doing very little scratching.  We had a visiting hawk that was much to close to the chicken pen for comfort.  Trudging through tall grass is good exercise for this ole’ girl but working my way over the ice coated grass was an adventure for sure.  I hate being cold.  I’d take the heat of summer over the aching cold of winter every time.  I appreciate the beauty of winter and I am so thankful for the time of rest.  However, I look forward to Spring because of the “Hope”.  Is your life filled with Hope?  If not, take time today to personally meet Jesus Christ and begin an everlasting relationship.  Homesteading on the farm has been an incredible blessing.  Sometimes I don’t have the words to express it all.

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