Highland Cattle Fold

Note: We have sold all of our cattle. This post is just a historical list of our coos. Yes, our Scottish Highland Cattle fold included…

Blaire –  (b. 2011) purchased from Blazing Acres in July 2013

Greer – (b. 2011) purchased from Blazing Acres in July 2013

Bennoit aka. “Benny” (b. July 18, 2012) Our fold sire. – purchased from Heritage Hills in June 2014.  Gunner and Blondie’s bull calf.

Rona – (b. April 14, 2012) purchased from This’Ole Farm in November 2014

Ceana (Keh-na)  The first coo born on our farm.  She joined us early on May 17, 2015.  So sweet!  Xerox and Rona’s heifer calf.

Anice (Ah-niece) Benny & Greer’s heifer calf born Sep 2015.

Nessa – Benny & Blair’s heifer calf born Oct 2015.

Eddie – purchased from Blake Coble in December 2014

Maisy – purchased from This’Ole Farm in April 2016

Isobel – Maisy’s heifer calf born Aug 2016.

Little Man – Benny & Rona’s bull calf born March 5, 2017.

Grant – Benny and Greer’s bull calf born March 9, 2017.

Kerr – Benny and Blaire’s bull calf born April 4, 2017.

Our coos lived on grass and hay with winter feed supplement.

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