Cattle Maternity Pen

The farm could use a maternity pen for our cattle.  This is a portable pen with a chute and headgate.  It is used for checking a momma cow’s health.  It would also be used for any of our cattle in the event one needed vet assistance.

This is an investment that we don’t have lying around.  Therefore we are trying to be judicious about moving forward.  Just remember, I am not a welder or capable of extended physical exertion.  My other half runs his own small business and is not able to devote the time needed to finish such a project in a timely fashion.

I found one online and their cost is just shy of $3000. It takes 8 weeks from the time it’s ordered until its delivered and set up. 

Should I pursue that?

Or, what if I contacted a LOCAL welder and showed him the plan?  Would he be able to complete the project in the same (or less) time frame?  And for the same cost? 

Is there another option?

Oh, FYI, we happily accept donations to the cause. 

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