21 April 2014 – Farm Report

It’s a lovely wet day on the farm today. I am thankful for the rain! Everyone is doing well. The dogs are holed up on the front porch. The coos are off grazing as it appears the rain doesn’t bother them at all. The chickens also don’t seem to care if they are wet. Maroochy and the babies are still safe and dry in the well house. Yesterday as I was cleaning their brooder quarters (Sweet Pea’s kennel), I had temporarily moved them to a wire cage. Well, Sweet Pea got too close to the chicks and momma took out after her. Pecking and fluffed up with wings out – she was a sight. Sweet Pea was confused and had to get away. It’s nice to know that we have a good momma hen. Oh, and MM saw our first hummingbird on Easter.  Lovin’ it on the farm.

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