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Goats, goats, and more goats

The 2022 Spring Kidding season kicked off with Mercy delivering 2 adorable bucklings. 10 goats later, we have 20 kids on the ground and one doe left to kid.

Animals For Sale

Proper husbandry allows for the flow of animals from farm-to-farm or farm-to-yard or place-to-place. Domesticated animals are no longer “wild” and if left in the wild are unable to find food or shelter appropriately. While […]

Web Site Updates

It’s been a slow process bridging the span from Blogger to Word Press and there are still a few steps necessary to complete our website updates. Topic categories are being reviewed and modified. Tags are […]

Sweet Pea – April 2020
Chickens, still.

We started our journey with chickens and a garden.  We still have both.  The chicken flock is smaller now tho.  We found that we don’t use a lot of eggs and we do not have […]

Homestead Flowers

When we purchased the homestead, there were a few iris patches.  I’ve slowly added various other beds.  I’ll keep adding as long as I can.  

Reworking my Goat Milk Soap

So I’ve been working on establishing some really good recipes for my goat milk soap.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to sell them.  In the mean time, I get to try new things. I’ve scoured […]

At Your Own Risk

All activities on the farm have inherent risks.  You will be exposed to bugs, critters, and germs.  There are fences, holes, and junk.  The animals are animals and may act as such at any given […]

2016 – Year in Summary

I want to start putting a milestone on each year.  A recap of what was accomplished on the farm and a quick summary of dreams for the next year.  Main House:  No activity was planned […]

Crafting Scents

Essential oils are a big thing today.  Everybody is doing it.  Mmmm, the wonderful scents that remind us of delicious foods, fireside fun, and sometimes acrid events.  Healing properties, soothing elements, pain relief – all […]