Crafting Scents

Essential oils are a big thing today.  Everybody is doing it.  Mmmm, the wonderful scents that remind us of delicious foods, fireside fun, and sometimes acrid events. 

Healing properties, soothing elements, pain relief – all are part of the mystical powers of essential oils.  Yet, very few scientific studies are done to verify the claims.  Do we rely too heavily on scientific studies anyway? 

And, does it even matter?

Does using oils comfort you?  Do they relax you?  Do they help you focus?  Or, are you one of the few that have severe allergies and want to ban their use by others?

I have become disillusioned by the artificial – strike that – synthetic air freshners.  I have searched the web and pinterest seeking a natural air freshner.  Hmmm.  Open a window.  Yup, that works superbly in Spring and Autumn, not so much in the sweltering heat of Summer or the shivering chill of Winter.

So, I am crafting my own essential oil scents.  Keep up with me as I blend and try.  #faithsfarmfreshners #loveit #hateit

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