09 May 2014 – Farm Report

Good mornin’, y’all.  It’s kinda cool this fine morning on the farm.  Maroochy and the Chicklets are getting along real nice.  I turned at one point yesterday and caught one of the Chicklets hitching a ride on mama’s back.  🙂  Even if I’d had a camera, I wouldn’t have been quick enough to catch the shot.  Sorry.  In addition, I found that the blueberry bush MM had weed whacked last year has new growth on it!  Whoot!  I’m so glad that the Lord takes care of things.  The blackberries have been blooming and there are several new shoots all around.  I managed to square off the area for the second round of potatoes, the onions, and the sweet potatoes yesterday.  It’ll take a few days to get them in the ground tho.  There’s much to do and  I’m off to do a little…  Happy Friday!

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