14 May 2014 – Beautiful Sky

Part of this morning was spent working on the vineyard.  We have eight grape vines planted, mulched and watered.  Plus, there is one that might not survive so it has been granted a private space.  This is one of our farm projects.

I stopped to see how things were coming with the vineyard and realized that it was a BEAUTIFUL day.  Yes, the wind is blowing but the clouds are lovely and there’s a nice warmth in the air.  After finishing up the work on the grapes, I grabbed the camera and went picture hunting.
Blaire munched contentedly on the sweet new grass.  Oh, how I would love to be getting fresh milk from her with wonderful cream to make beautiful butter.  Maybe next year.  That’s another farm project.  🙂
Check out our Facebook page for a few additional pictures of this lovely day.

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