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Our flock has grown small and older. We are down to 9… two australorp roosters, one speckled sussex hen, one wyandotte mix hen, two buff orpington hens, and three australorp hens. Perhaps this year we’ll […]

Chickens, still.

We started our journey with chickens and a garden.  We still have both.  The chicken flock is smaller now tho.  We found that we don’t use a lot of eggs and we do not have […]

13 May 2014 – Eggs already?

Two of the Chicklets.  Still so small. Maroochy has been pacing the fence of the pen for a couple of days.  I mentioned to MM that I think she’s ready to go back with the […]

Maroochy and the Chicklets

Looky here, looky here… Right here is something good.  🙂 See that, it’s yummy!  Maroochy and the Chicklets have moved to a new location.  They are now where they can explore the grass, find some […]

19 April 2014 – Chickens

Here they are… Maroochy and “her” chicks. One spends a lot of time underneath her. She’s taking such sweet care of them. It’ll be interesting to see what they turn out to be. (Should be […]

18 April 2014 – Chickens

Late yesterday evening, we took Maroochy’s eggs and gave her three little fluffy butts. She accepted them and has been busy ever since keeping them warm, talking to them, and just generally showing them how […]

17 April 2014 – Farm Report

It’s overcast and gray on the farm this morning.  Fits my mood pretty good.  Unfortunately, none of the chicks have hatched and the one heard peeping is silent.  Maroochy, the mama hen, is still very […]

16 April 2014 – Farm Report

YES! We hear baby peeps this morning. Doesn’t look like anyone has broken out of a shell and we can’t see anything under momma’s wings yet but we can hear the faint peeps. Yay! Can’t wait […]

Varmints on the loose! Oh, wait, that’s…

Varmints on the loose!  Oh, wait, that’s my chickens.  I took a little trip into the little town today and upon my return as I was attempting to unlock the door, I saw something waving […]