Farm Report – March 3, 2016

March third.  Already.  Two thousand sixteen.  How’d that happen?  I may have blinked.

Polly and her new baby are doing well.  Peso’s eye is slowly beginning to look better.  I’m thankful that no one else is having a problem.  That indicates that she probably poked something in it.  Rosie and Opal are so rotund.  And. Adorable.

The chickens seem happier now that we reduced the flock.  They consistently leave me 9 eggs.  Most of them are 3 years old so I’m really pleased with the eggs.  Waiting on someone to go broody.

The cows eat a lot of hay.  Benny does not like being away from the fold.  However, we don’t want to take a chance on him getting Ceana preggers.  We are gonna try and find two or three steers this weekend.  They’ll give Benny some company.

Some of the trees and flowers are starting to do their thing.  Love the hyacinths so much.  The grapes may or may not survive the scalping I gave them.  Sigh.  Blackberries are leafing out already.

Finally got the seeds started.  Hope I get something out of them this year.  Last year they were eaten by the mice.  Growl.  Almost time to uncover the asparagus.  I’ve noticed that my plants are about a week to ten days behind the ones in town just 8 miles away.  I have to keep myself from putting things in the garden just yet.

All dogs and cats seem fat and happy!

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