Unpasteurized Milk

The dairy industry in the United States has attempted to go to great lengths to “make sure” the milk you drink is safe.  In the process of doing this, they – the dairy industry – in cooperation with federal agencies – USDA, FDA, EPA, etc – have restricted your freedom to choose.  You have the “freedom” to choose only the product they offer.  Choosing another product may be life threatening.  They fail to mention that choosing their product may be life threatening as well.

As a person on this planet, you have responsibility for yourself.  If you make a choice, it is yours.  It is yours if you make an uninformed choice, a hasty choice, or a carefully researched choice.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a large number of people who wish to pass the responsibility of their choice to others.  
I use the unpasteurized milk and milk products obtained from my goats.  I drink it.  I make yogurt with it.  I make cheese with it.  I make ice cream with it.  I do this of my own choice and I realize the responsibility and risks associated with it.  My husband also uses the milk and milk products obtained from my goats.  He does this of his own choice and he accepts the responsibility and risks of  it.   
So, here’s what I need to say.  I will make my milk available to you only if you are willing to assume the responsibility and risk yourself.  What that means is that IF you purchase my milk and you get sick for any reason associated with using it, you will NOT sue me.  Now, I could get a lawyer and have a document created for you to sign stating that you accept your own responsibility in using raw milk or we could just shake hands and be individuals of our word.  

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