Overstocked on Highlands…

After some careful consideration and some humbling realization, we have decided to sell most of our UNREGISTERED Scottish Highland fold.  Our enthusiasm for the breed got the better of us and we overstocked our acreage.  If you are interested in purchasing, contact us at 405-356-2839.  PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE or send a text!

Greer & Grant – 6 yr old yellow cow, our herd queen born sometime spring/summer of 2011.  Has a bull calf born March 9, 2017 at her side.  $1200
Anice – 19 month old yellow heifer (born Sept 2015)  Sire: Benny, Dam: Greer  $900

Blaire & Kerr – 6 yr old red cow with a bull calf born April 4, 2017 at her side.  $1200

Nessa – 18 month old red heifer (born Oct 2015) Sire: Benny, Dam: Blaire  $900

Eddy – 2 yr old yellow bull (born Mar 2015).  $900

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