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Finally, a direction.

Sometimes I do things just to do things.  I don’t have a plan or an actual goal that I’m trying to reach.  I am just doing.  In some ways, that’s what happened with the farm. […]

2017 Spring Breeding

Getty x Iron due March 10th Red x Lou due March 12th Dottie x Lou due March 15th Polly x Dancer due March 18th Peso x Dancer due March 29th Opal x Popeye due April […]

Just Not

It seems that I am just not keeping up with the blog.  Most of the farm activity is posted over on Facebook or Instagram.  It’s quick and easy to post updates there.  The blog requires […]

Lab Rats Wanted

As we develop products utilizing our goat milk and other natural farm ingredients, lab rats are needed.  While we do NOT use actual lab rats, we do use human volunteers.  It makes no sense to […]

Crazy Blogger – Yup

Even though I have had a blog presence for almost 10 years, I have never been consistent with my posts.  I wasn’t consistent on my personal blog nor have I been on this farm blog.  […]