Maroochy and the Chicklets

Looky here, looky here…

Right here is something good.  🙂

See that, it’s yummy! 

Maroochy and the Chicklets have moved to a new location.  They are now where they can explore the grass, find some dirt to bathe in, and learn more about how to survive.  Mama is doing a good job of teaching them about the yummy things to eat.  (I’m helping by putting treats in with their food.)  They are so fun to watch.  Maroochy makes some interesting sounds when she’s talking with the Chicklets.  The Chicklets are now two weeks old and are starting to feather in nicely.  Mama still keeps them warm when the wind blows a bit chilly and I put them back inside at night.  However, that will be ending soon as the weather warms up nicely.  It won’t be long and they’ll be roosting in the small house and then, suddenly it will be time for mama to wean them.  Amazing.

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