19 Jun 2014 – Farm Report

Got up early to go blackberry picking today but noticed the red sky just as dawn was breaking and decided to check the radar.  Yup, rain coming in.  Okay, so now what do I do?  It’s sometimes very tough to change gears after having a plan for the day.

The animals are all fine.  The coos came for cubes.  The flies are still heavy.  Anyone know where to get dung beetles?  I’ve been seeing information on how dung beetles are good for a pasture – as long as you don’t kill them off with wormer for your cattle.  Ugh.  We have moved so very far away from knowing how our micro-ecosystems work.  The dung beetles move the cow patties into the ground reducing the availability of crap the flies tend to breed in.  So dung beetles work as fly control.  Love it!  They also work as poop-er scoopers.  Tee hee.

Sunny and the baby chicks are doing great.  The babies and their feathers are so cute!  I just love how they are feathering out.  I may decide that the sussex/orpington cross is my favorite color.  I’ll keep you posted on the temperament of the chicks.

It’s a beautiful day, y’all!  Enjoy!

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