Animals For Sale

Proper husbandry allows for the flow of animals from farm-to-farm or farm-to-yard or place-to-place. Domesticated animals are no longer “wild” and if left in the wild are unable to find food or shelter appropriately. While some may try to insist that all animals should be free, it just simply is not true.

That insistence has resulted in a shocking decrease in the avenues available to carefully move animals into places where they will thrive. There have been a few applications that are attempting to fill in the gaps and I’ve been trying to get my herd set up over at goatzz.com. You can search for a farm near you or anywhere across the country using their home page linked above or you can go straight to my farm page. There, you’ll find all the information on my herd including animals for sale.

Domesticating animals has been a long honored and well utilized practice. Let’s keep it that way.

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