Kidding Season Approaches

Here we are at the tail end of February and kidding season is fast approaching.  But, first we’ll have calving season.  Oops, didn’t plan that well.  Ugh.  It’ll be crazy busy around here during the month of March.

First up are our big ‘ole moo girls.  Greer, Rona, and Blaire were all hanging out with Benny from about May 13th till about Aug 14th (2016).  Technically, that means that we could have a calf on the ground as early as three days ago, ie. Feb 19 2017.  As of yet, we do not have a calf on the ground.  I don’t have accurate records for heat cycles on the moo girls so we are estimating (based on udders and rough cycle calculations) that Greer will go first and that Rona will quickly follow.  Both are expected to have babies on the ground within 14 days.  Blaire is more of an unknown.  It may be 2 weeks for her or it may be six weeks. 

Then, during that time we expect the goats to start dropping babies.  Getty, Red, Dottie, and Polly are all due about a week apart.  We hope for kids starting after March 10th and not before.  

We have confirmed our Autumn 2016 goat breedings for Spring 2017 babies… *b -blue eyes possible *p -polled possible
Getty (x Iron) due March 10 *b
Red (x Lou) due March 12 *b
Dottie (x Lou) due March 15 *b
Polly (x Dancer) due March 18 *b, *p
Peso (x Dancer) due March 29
Opal (x Popeye) due April 7 *b, *p
Pepper (x Iron) due April 17
Glam (x Iron) due April 25 *b

Rosy and Icey did not settle and will be moved to the list of Spring 2017 breedings for Autumn 2017 babies.

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