12 Dec 2013 – Farm Report

I must admit that I was very excited about posting regular farm updates. However, I’m not the most consistent person in the world so it’s been hit or miss. All the farm animals have survived the first big snow. It’s still pretty cold around here though. At least the water is NOT freezing quickly. The chickens are continuing to stay in the coop because the don’t care for the snow and frozen ground. The moo girls are getting insistent about the cattle cubes. Those things must be incredible because they sure don’t hesitate to run up and get their noses in the bucket after them. I love seeing them come running but there’s a lot of caution knowing that an 600+ pound animal is heading straight for you. Considering that they’ve only been with us for six months, they haven’t tried to get overly frisky. Messing with their food (hay or cubes) can bring out some interesting behavior. We are truly blessed here on the farm.

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