Varmints on the loose! Oh, wait, that’s…

Varmints on the loose!  Oh, wait, that’s my chickens.

 I took a little trip into the little town today and upon my return as I was attempting to unlock the door, I saw something waving at the corner of the workshop.  Huh?  There it was again.  It’s dark colored.  Where’d it go?  Then hen #2 poked her head around the side of the building and my brain goes… “Oh, it’s just a chicken.”  What?  Yup my Speckled Sussex girls have decided that free-ranging is for them.  After spying #2 on the west side of the run, I noticed that someone was in the garden.  Tootsie (#1) was having a grand time over there on the east side with a couple of the black Australourpe girls.  They are fed in the run, their water is in the run, the roosters are in the run.  Oh, never-mind.

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